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Games That Use Our Music

Clown Town 1443

Adobe flash has been killed... but its games ideas are alive... you can't kill an idea... :)

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Step in the shoes of a Sam, homeless guy with strong fists, and find out what is lurking behind a corner in this epic dystopian saga, find out what means to be a Lowlifer! - Coming soon...

Little Paw Of Justice

When an evil villain sends an army of robot aliens to drain the planet of its natural resources, this small and cuddly hero decides to take justice into his own two paws

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This is a free bundle with all the various ROYALTY FREE music composed in the Soundframe studio.

It features:

– 49 songs

– A great variety of styles: adventure, dark, horror, platformer, casual…


Casual Music Pack

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Dark Music Pack

Grim. Horror. Epic.

Platformer Music Pack

Music that perfectly fits your platformer game.

Our Premium Packs

JRPG Double Damage Pack

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Sci Fi Game Music Pack

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Magic Sunset Pack

Bright and Positive Vibes

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Custom Composing

All great games have dedicated composers. We tell stories without saying a word. Goosebumps? Our specialty!

Our Mission


We were gamers long before we became composers. That’s what developers love the most - we know their audience because we can read their hearts.

Music in general is all about emotions. But game music goes deeper - we deal with moods.

If you have a story to tell, we’re gonna tell it without saying a word.


Platformer, horror, casual or action? We got you covered!

No matter the genre, we are here to listen to your needs, and needs of your players.

Provoke any feeling, bring depth, and class to your game with our unique music made just for you.


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We all know how it's to work with slackers and slowpokes. That's why we are proud to deliver your product quickly and effortesly, with communication channels open all the time.

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